by Maddy Hunt

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a collection of songs inspired by the magic and memories of summertime


released August 2, 2016




all rights reserved


Maddy Hunt Dallas, Texas

22, Dallas, Loved

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Track Name: Sweet California
Keep your voice low and keep your feet a-movin'
This train moves slow but there's still time for losing
Down by the river and up upon the track
Humble pilgrims come to get their freedom back

We're going to a sunny coast where
Gold overflows and mountains kiss the heavens
Say goodbye to stormy skies 'cause
Sweet California's gonna be our home

Keep your head up and keep your toes a-tappin'
You'll find good luck on that dusty crossing
Down by the river and up into the trees
Come up pioneers to find the home you seek

Maybe we'll find love, maybe we'll find gold
Maybe we'll find our dreams outside of sleeping
Maybe we'll find those friends worth keeping 'cause
Sweet California's gonna be our home
Track Name: Summer
Write our names on an oak tree
You can smell the heat in the grass
Sigh along with the crickets
Summertime is here at last

Feel the cool of the pavement
You can see those city lights
Sing along with a stranger
Oh my friend it's a beautiful life
Track Name: Roadtrip
We packed our bags and headed east to find another life
We tied up every end and kissed our mama goodbye
I saw you were in pieces and wanted to make it right

But then I saw you as you danced and watched the rain renew your youth
The wooden floors of New Orleans bore witness to the truth
And on a dock in Georgia, I saw the weight of hope break through and I knew
It's alright

Cause on the other side of the dawn
There's a day that you've never known
On the other side of this storm
Is a song that will lead you... home

We heard the sound of raindrops falling on our teepee
Silly hats and scary bugs and wild donkeys I think
God was in the storm clouds
And Thundering all through the night

We sang our way across the hot and humid summer air
Southern hospitality saw to our every care
The color all around us reminded that we weren't alone

My friend I do believe that there's a song you've yet to sing
A broken heart can often make the sweetest melody

There's sunlight in the forest and summer on my mind
The sound of birds and grasses in the wind are keeping time
I can feel the distance ending and my heart returning home and it's alright
Track Name: Blue Eyes
Blue eyes
Always searching for a landing
Never knowing the whole story
I was caught up in your waves
Blue eyes
You always sang your understanding
And I was drawn to your enchanting
But too young to play the game

Well I tried I tried to love you
With all my might to love you
But it wasn't right it wasn't right

Blue eyes
Always taking without asking
Never feeling quite like family
And missing home in your embrace
Blue eyes
You gave me wings that were too heavy
You gave me courage but it scared me
So I became a grounded saint

Well I tried I tried to love you
With all my might to love you
But you weren't mine no you weren't mine

Blue eyes
Always full of love and new dreams
Had a way to see right through me
But In a hurry, I was blind
Blue Eyes
Taught me so much about mercy
Left their mark of grace upon me
And left me ruined for the chase

Well I tried I tried to love you
With all my might to love you
But it wasn't time it wasn't time

One day my prince will come
I'll be ready then I think to sing a brand new song
One day the smoke will clear
I'll have eyes to see and ears to hear when love comes along
When love comes along

Then I'll try I'll try to love you with all my might to love you
and it will be time
and it will be right
and he will be mine
Track Name: My Name is Beautiful
You changed my name to Beautiful
You locked my heart in love
You took the key back from the thief
That had taken my trust
Lies came off like Halloween masks
And truth came and fit like a glove
Now my name is Beautiful
My heart's locked up with love


You changed my name to Righteous
When all I knew was death
Seas of doubt that crushed my joy
Were drained with Your last breath
I looked around to find my shroud
But Your love was all that was left
Now my name is Righteous
There's a new heart in my chest


You changed my name to Daughter
Brought color into gray
You took me in when all I knew
Was how to be a runaway
You picked me up and snuggled me close
And You gave me a reason to smile
You say to me "My Daughter,
"Won't you come and stay for a while"


You called my name beloved
You took me as your Bride
It took some time for me to see
I was lovely in Your sight
My every insecurity
Met by patient love in Your eyes
And now my name's Beloved
I believe that I'm a bride
Track Name: Sunny and 63°
Sunny and 63
That's all my hometown knows how to be
I've got so many memories
Growing up here
It's where I fell in love
It's where I battled with feeling like I was enough
It's where I learned to sing
To the tune of that coastal wind blowing

Now I'm setting out
From those hills that I know
I'll have to figure out
Where to find a new home
Would you keep me close

I'll miss your strawberries
I'll miss your cigarette sands
I'll miss your mustard lined hiways
and backroads in the springtime
I'll miss your thrift stores
I'll miss those friends that I love
I'll miss the church where I grew up
and those steps where I met Jesus

Now I'm setting out
From those hills that I know
I'll have to figure out
Where to find my new home
Would you keep me close
To Home